Domain Name Law Show #129

Domain Name Law Show number 129 outline:

A. Show Intro by Todd

     1. Greet Audience and Introduce Co-Hosts

     2. Make General Announcements

     3. Share Show Agenda

B. Domain Name Legal News

     1. X takes @music Handle from User with a Half Million Followers (CNBC)

Are social media handles considered property in the state of California. The owner of @music on X could sue X Corp under CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE SECTION 1060-1062.5

Declaratory Judgments in California

1060. Any person interested under a written instrument, excluding a will or a trust, or under a contract, or who desires a declaration of his or her rights or duties with respect to another, or in respect to, in, over or upon property, or with respect to the location of the natural channel of a watercourse, may, in cases of actual controversy relating to the legal rights and duties of the respective parties, bring an original action or cross-complaint in the superior court for a declaration of his or her rights and duties in the premises, including a determination of any question of construction or validity arising under the instrument or contract. He or she may ask for a declaration of rights or duties, either alone or with other relief; and the court may make a binding declaration of these rights or duties, whether or not further relief is or could be claimed at the time. The declaration may be either affirmative or negative in form and effect, and the declaration shall have the force of a final judgment. The declaration may be had before there has been any breach of the obligation in respect to which said declaration is sought.

     2. Tencent Wins UDRP (

     3. Dynadot Shortens Renewal Grace Period to 30 Days (

     4. GoDaddy .com Price Increase Sept 1

     5. Top Registrars For .com Registrations (

     6. Meta Platforms Is A Frequent Filer of UDRPs (

C. UDRP Reviews

(Gathered through and


Respondent Khaled Alshahri  is an executive chef in Kansas. Respondent registered the <> domain name on October 30, 2002.  See Resp. Annex D.  Complainant did not use the IDEAL NUTRITION mark, nor  even exist, when Respondent registered the disputed domain name.





D. Audience Comments and Questions

E. Close the Show

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