Domain Law Show #89

The Domain Law Show Agenda for October 25, 2022 Clubhouse Domain Law Club Link: ICA Membership Offer / Meeting ( NEWS ICANN says Ombudsman cannot be an avenue of appeal for UDRP Coca Cola RDNH bottler tries to reverse hijack The Complaint was denied and the Panel declares that the… Continue reading Domain Law Show #89

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An ADR Forum UDRP panelist, Ho-Hyun Nahm, Esq., ordered the transfer of the domain to the Complainant based on some questionable allegations about the Complainant’s trademark rights. UDRP Decision Summary The Complainant’s Trademark registrations FLORIDA FAMILY INSURANCE US Registration Number: 3997659 FLORIDA FAMILY US Registration Number: 2521396 FLORIDA FAMILY US Registration Number: 3997657 Florida Family Insurance Services, LLC… Continue reading URDP decision review